Self-amalgamating waterproof tape - 10m x 19mm

Self-amalgamating waterproof tape - 10m x 19mm

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While our antennas might be weatherproof, it's critical that the connections on outdoor antennas and fittings are properly sealed. Water will seep into the tiniest crack (such as an exposed screw thread) and slowly degrade electrical performance over time.

Normal electrical tape will not prevent water ingress. Instead, use silicone rubber self-amalgamating tape to seal external connections. All connections between cables, equipment and antennas that are outdoors (even if sheltered) should be wrapped in tape.

  1. Work in dry conditions, so no moisture is trapped under the tape.
  2. Cut an approx. 30cm length of tape from the roll
  3. Loosen the plastic backing from the end of the tape (it's easiest to peel the backing off as you wrap, otherwise the tape will end up as a sticky mess)
  4. Wrap the connection starting at least 5cm below, and finishing at least 5cm above, keeping the tape stretched to twice its length and under tension as you wrap.
    • Overlap each turn by about 50% the tape width
  5. Cut off any excess and allow the tape to cure for several hours in a dry environment.

Stretching the tape as you wrap activates the rubber material, and it will join to itself and shrink slightly, producing a watertight boot that will last many years. This is an invaluable investment to avoid having to go back up the ladder to troubleshoot a faulty antenna installation.


 Width 19mm (0.75")
Length 10m
Thickness 0.75mm
Colour Black
Temperature resilience -10°C to +80°C
Dialectric strength
12kV / mm wrapped thickness
Tensile strength 1.2 MPa
Max elongation 500%
Manufacturer Powerlink Plus
Manufacturer part number SH5007SAT
Datasheet - SH5007SAT