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We've designed the highest-performing LoRa antennas on the market.

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The paradar flight instrument

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When performance matters

Founded in 2019, we design technical systems for aviation and LoRa, particularly on the 868Mhz and 915Mhz bands - with a reputation for some of the best-performing LoRa solutions on the market. We design our products in the UK, and sell globally.

Tuned antennas for HNT, ADS-B and LoRa

Our antennas for LoRa and ADS-B are designed in the UK for our flight instrument, Paradar - using the latest manufacturing processes means we can produce compact, efficient designs. We carefully test each batch for accuracy and optimal resonance.

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Airband antennas for the aviation industry

Our tuned whip antennas are a robust choice for VHF applications. In particular, our 123Mhz Airband Whip provides excellent response at airband frequencies, for up to 50W transmit and receive.

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