See aircraft around you

paradar gives you traffic, navigation and pressure altitude on a fluid, ultrabright LED display. It can be used while flying as a lightweight flight instrument, before takeoff to check traffic, or by drone pilots operating in busy airspace.


Easy to read in sunlight

Fluid, ultrabright display responds to your movement, and clearly indicates the direction and distance of other aircraft - while flying or before takeoff.

ADS-B in

In order to be as small as possible, paradar receives other aircraft but doesn’t transmit your location. Combine paradar with a uAvionix SkyEcho2 when flying in busy airspace.

Integrates with your smartphone

Can optionally be used standalone or with SkyDemon (or other GDL90-compatible apps) to provide an enhanced GPS and data feed to the app.

The smallest fully self-contained traffic receiver

You don’t need anything else to fly. 2.5 hours battery life; 175g / 88x88mm. Compatible with UK, worldwide (1090MHz), and US (978MHz) ADS-B standards.

Guides you home

Records your takeoff location and clearly indicates the direction back.

Open-source and made in the UK

Paradar is open-source hardware and software designed and manufactured in the UK. Full details available at the open source project.

Feedback or comments are welcome! Software updates are free forever, and your comments influence development and new features.

How it works

Detects & locates other aircraft

paradar works by receiving the ADS-B location transmissions sent by fixed-wing aircraft. These include their GPS coordinates, which paradar uses to calculate a bearing from your position. This bearing is indicated on a bright LED display, relative to the direction you’re facing.

ADS-B is a open international standard for large and small aircraft, and in many countries (including the EU and US) transmission is required for most aircraft types.

Understand direction and distance

To indicate which aircraft are closer, paradar adjusts the colour of the indicator. Aircraft further than 15km are shown blue; closer aircraft are shown on a gradient from blue to bright red. Aircraft over 10,000ft altitude can be hidden to reduce display clutter.

paradar tracks your takeoff point and optionally indicates the direction back home with a green light.

Advanced GPS and magnetic compass

paradar incorporates a magnetic compass from PNI with an extremely high dynamic range: meaning it works reliably, even in environments with high levels of magnetic interference.

A dedicated GPS receiver and large patch antenna provides high-resolution dynamic positioning, even with rapid movement. For more accurate track recording and flight stats, this data can optionally be sent to an app (such as SkyDemon) via a GDL90 WiFi link.

Contact & disclaimer is independently owned and operates separately from the open source paradar project. We manufacture and distribute with permission. Contact us for ordering assistance, bulk order discounts and distribution information.

Please see the open-source project page for support information and software updates.

paradar does not replace your responsibility to look for, see and avoid other aircraft. This device will not save your life, and you must ensure you have appropriate flight-rated equipment to operate your aircraft. paradar is intended only to provide additional situational awareness of some traffic around you when flying VFR. It is not designed for and must not be used for IFR flight, and you must not rely on it when flying in any conditions.

paradar takes the place of a phone or tablet and app when flying, and aims to provide useful information to a pilot. The information provided by paradar is not guaranteed to be correct and may fail without warning. paradar is not suitable and must not be used to operate or control an aircraft, and must not be relied upon for safety or the safe operation of an aircraft. It is not suitable and must not be used for the navigation of an aircraft.

The pilot is responsible for the safe conduct of any flight, for ensuring they have appropriate flight rated equipment alongside paradar and for obeying all applicable laws.